It’s One of Those Nights…

I was unusually sleepy right before 10 at night, so I decided to tuck myself in and go to bed feeling very proud of myself because I am actually going to bed early for a change. Well, after reading some online articles (which usually makes me fall asleep super fast) and finally finishing the last chapter of the book I was reading, I still couldn’t sleep. I suddenly thought of some quotes and found myself writing and four hours since I decided to go to bed I found myself in front of my laptop typing away whining about not being able to fall asleep. In addition to that I am now hungry. The bad part is my better half bought a dozen donuts from my ever favorite Dunkin’ Donuts and now I’m debating between eating some of that or eating an apple. I know it should be a no brainer. Apple is the way to go! But it’s Dunkin’ Donuts and I don’t want it to go bad! 😉 Oh the dilemma! 😀 Fine, I’m going to grab one and try not to feel guilty about it! 😀 I guess I can justify it by reasoning out that we rarely eat donuts. Hehehehe!

I don’t know why I went from feeling really sleepy to not falling asleep at all. Anyway, I just finished eating a donut and I feel happy right now so I’m going to brush my teeth and go back to bed while I leave you with this thought…..

Life is short,

eat a donut…responsibly! 😉


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