Remembering Paul Walker…One Year Later

Remembering Paul Walker

“The last time I saw him, he gave me a kiss on the cheek, I gave him one. I tell him I loved him,” Walker shared. “It’s a great memory.

– Paul Walker’s Dad

I still can’t believe that it’s been a year since Paul Walker’s untimely passing. Most people probably don’t remember about it or could care less but to those whom he inspired, it’s been a year of painful acceptance. But have everyone really accepted the fact that he’s gone? I think not and it will take a very…very long time. If those who are not even related to him feels that way, I can’t imagine what more to his closest friends, his immediate family and most especially to his daughter. I know how it feels to lose someone you love so dearly and the pain never goes away. It subsides a little as time goes by but the pain remains even though it helps to take comfort in the memories they have left behind.

Many people from all walks of life were greatly affected by what happened to Paul Walker. Just like those many people who admire him, I feel like I know him somehow not just through his movies but more so on his humanitarian and philanthropic efforts. I can’t help but admire someone who made such efforts in helping those in dire need after they’ve been hit by major calamities. Paul Walker founded the charitable organization, Reach Out Worldwide to provide a rapid response to those needing help. He did this without using his fame, which is even more admirable. He saw first-hand what happened to those disaster areas as a result of such catastrophic calamities. He offered not just material and medical needs but most importantly his time and dedication to help the victims. Paul Walker actually did the walk.

"When you put goodwill out there, it's amazing what can be accomplished." - Paul Walker, Reach Out Worldwide Founder
“When you put goodwill out there it’s amazing what can be accomplished.”
– Paul Walker, Reach Out Worldwide Founder

When I first heard about what happened to him, I was checking in at the airport from the Philippines heading to Japan. Someone asked the lady who was checking in my luggage if she had heard of what happened to Paul Walker. The lady responded by saying no and the other person said in disbelief that Paul Walker had died and that she saw a video of the terrible car crash. My better half and I looked at each other in disbelief and said “Nah, that’s most likely just a hoax!” Well, we wish it was because as soon as we landed at Narita and turned our mobile phone’s on the text messages started coming in. I received one from my Mom, my best friend and another friend (the one whose college friend is friends with Paul Walker). I then checked my Facebook account and saw some friends who posted articles about it. I read status updates expressing their sadness over his untimely passing. Still in disbelief, I quickly researched it in Google and so many news article confirmed the tragic event. I honestly cried. 😦 It’s as if I had lost a friend. I don’t know him personally but just like others, somehow I feel like I do. I’ve always liked him as an actor before I even found out about his charity work. I used to tell my better half that he seems like such a nice person. He thought so too and our hunches were right.

Paul Walker is an exception in Hollywood. He remained humble despite his success as an actor but what he was most proud of was his work with Reach Out Worldwide. He had a great desire to help others which is something that he’s always done and did it quietly. A trait that clearly signifies sincerity.

How I wish that I had the chance to meet such an admirable individual. But I am glad to have known him even from a distance because he has inspired me to be a better person.

So today, I am honoring his memory along with millions of people out there whose lives he touched in such a special way.

THANK YOU for the memories Paul.

THANK YOU for your efforts in helping those in need especially in my home country of Philippines.

But most of all, THANK YOU for inspiring us all to be better individuals. ❤

Paul Walker, Always in Our Hearts <3
“You know, all that really matters is that the people you love are happy and healthy. Everything else is just sprinkles on the sundae.” – Paul Walker

At Santa Clarita, a day after Paul Walker was laid to rest.
At Santa Clarita, a day after Paul Walker was laid to rest.
At Santa Clarita, a day after Paul Walker was laid to rest.
At Santa Clarita, a day after Paul Walker was laid to rest.

Paul Walker's humble abode in Santa Barbara.
Paul Walker’s humble abode in Santa Barbara.
Paul Walker's humble abode in Santa Barbara.
Paul Walker’s humble abode in Santa Barbara.

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