My Busy Mind Almost All the Time

A girl can dream, right? Hahahaha!
A girl can dream, right? Hahahaha!

I passed out earlier than usual on a Friday night only to wake up just before 2AM and it is now almost eight o’clock in the morning Pacific time and I’m still awake. I tried going back to sleep but I kept waking up. I just can’t seem to shut off my brain since waking up a couple of hours ago. Sometimes I don’t mind it as I notice that I get really creative at the crack of dawn but right now I really need that elusive sleep as I need some energy to attend one of my bestie’s baby shower. I really hope I can get even just a few hours of shut-eye before heading to the celebration at noontime. I should’ve taken some Melatonin earlier and perhaps right now I’m still in snoozy land instead of whining yet again about not falling back to sleep. I just don’t know how to quiet my busy mind most of the time but if I’m preoccupied with something like writing or reading then it doesn’t take long before I pass out.

Anyway, I’m going to TRY going back to sleep now and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I get at least a few hours of well rested sleep.

How about you? What do you do when you can’t sleep or fall back to sleep? Any tips? 🙂



6 thoughts on “My Busy Mind Almost All the Time

  1. I had a jetlag for two weeks when I got to Greece. I was in Cali time big time. And I couldn’t combat sleeplessness. Milk, watch boring shows, count sheep, eat, … nothing! When insomnia attacks, it just attacks me pretty good. I don’t take pills. I don’t want to fall from that habit.

    1. It’s a very wise decision not to rely on those sleeping pills. When I was in high school I took Unisom all the time that eventually it didn’t seem like it was working for me anymore because my system got immune to it. Insomnia seriously sucks especially at times when you desperately need that sleep and it’s showing you no mercy! Hahahaha! I usually can’t sleep the night before traveling as I get super excited and can’t wait to start exploring! 😀

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