365 Days of Gratitude: I am GRATEFUL for the love of family.


Every family is different. Each one is unique just like with individuals. But at the end of the day no matter how different we are from each other we are still a family bonded by our unconditional love for one another. -EdR

I am blessed and grateful for the love and support of my family. Though we all live in separate coasts and different countries, they never forget to remind me that I am loved and thought of often. Knowing that they are there for me means the world to me. There was a point in my life where I thought I was all alone, at least I thought so because it felt that way. But then I realized that I felt that way because I kept things bottled up to myself. Instead of sharing my thoughts, my worries and my feelings to them, I shut down. I didn’t quite know how to open up to them or to anyone. I was afraid that they would not understand me so I poured my heart into writing my innermost thoughts and feelings. I was that way for many years until I gave it a try, to open up and express my thoughts and  feelings to my family and what a world of difference it makes! The unconditional love and support of my family gives me a sense of belonging, something that we all need in life not just from our family but as well as within our circle of friends and community.

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8 thoughts on “365 Days of Gratitude: I am GRATEFUL for the love of family.

      1. My weekend was very good. Full of laughter, giggles and keeping up with Kiddies. enjoyed board games, educational TV and video programs. Learned a lot about Treehouse building. We watched diverse programming. Have to set up school curriculum for Nieces and Nephews to be home schooled in the fall. Never too early to start learning for younger ones.

      2. It sounds like a busy and fun weekend! 🙂 It’s really never too early to start learning. My grandparents started teaching me how to read and write before I started going to school. They wanted me to always learn in advance and excel in class and I’m so grateful for them for teaching me the value of education.

      3. Never too early, I learned that with my own 2 sets of Twins, they are all differently wired, sometimes others thought they were weird. I told them same letters, different arrangements)))) Lifetime of raising Kids since my own siblings has given me more than my share of failures and successes. Thankfully more of the latter than former))))))))))))))

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