Daily Prompt: Back of the Queue

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but never got around to starting (an activity, a hobby, or anything else, really)? Tell us about it — and tell us about what’s keeping you from doing it.

This was me doing a selfie and looking all excited 5 years ago when I just bought my very first guitar! Can you see the box in the background? 🙂

Happy 1st of July everyone! Today is a new beginning for me on the “Daily Prompt” as my last Daily Prompt post was four months ago. Anyway, in regards to the topic there are two things that I’ve been wanting to accomplish but can never quite get there. For many years now I’ve been thinking of taking  piano classes at the community college to continue what I learned in my childhood days. I took piano lessons when I was ten years old but stopped taking my lessons after my first recital. I honestly found my piano teacher a little impatient but it’s understandable though because she was an elderly lady. I believe she was in her late 70’s or early 80’s already at the time. As a matter of fact, she was my mother’s music teacher at one point and it was my mother who decided that I go to her for piano lessons. She was quite strict and would hit your hand with a ruler if it’s not in the right position. I was a really shy and quiet kid around people who are not close family and friends so I barely spoke to my piano teacher. I just did what she told me to do and I did get that “ruler discipline” once :). I wish I never quit my lessons though. I tried to get back into it when I was in high school but I wasn’t motivated enough although at some point I was inspired by my new baby nephew that I created a short composition for him. I can actually still play that composition to this day :). Then when I was in college I bought a new keyboard that I saw at Costco. It was a good deal for a really nice Yamaha Grand Piano but I can’t remember the exact model and I sold it to my fiance’s cousin last year  because I haven’t really used it within the last five years. I miss it though and I am proud to say that I taught myself how to play Bubbly on that keyboard :). Unfortunately I don’t know if I can still remember how to play that song as it’s been five years since I last played it.

One more thing that I’ve been wanting to do is to learn how to play the acoustic guitar.  I am so amazed at people who can play the guitar or any other musical instrument but there is something special about the acoustic guitar and I love the sound of it. Five years ago I bought my very first guitar and tried to learn on my own. It was a full-size Gibson  acoustic guitar and although it was nice, I had to return it because it was way too big for me. I’m a petite person and you should’ve seen how I looked trying to play that full-size guitar. It was hilarious! Hahahaha! So, I returned the guitar to the store after only two weeks. However, I did buy another acoustic guitar and this time I got a 3/4 size Baby Taylor. I loved it! I tried to learn on my own by watching YouTube tutorials but I gave up after a month because the pain that my fingers were feeling superseded my desire to learn. I guess I gave up too soon. I still think about it a lot though. I still want to learn how to play the acoustic guitar and I want to get back to playing the keyboard too. I hate to admit it but what’s keeping me from doing it is the lack of motivation especially now that I no longer have my keyboard. I hope one of these days I can find that motivation again and  keep the momentum going so I can finally stop thinking about it because I am finally doing it  :).

Anyway, below is a video of me playing the piano at the music store during the time that I was looking for a guitar :). I bet I’d get the “ruler” punishment if my teacher saw how my hands were positioned :).




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