Hawaii is Paradise: Part 1- Lanikai

Hawaii…there’s no place like Hawaii! When I think of Hawaii nothing comes to mind but happy thoughts. Our Hawaiian getaway with friends is one of the most memorable trips we’ve ever been to. You get that paradise vibe the moment you hop on to that plane. Thank you Hawaiian Airlines for the fantastic airfare deals a couple of years ago! You definitely made our dreams come true! 😀 How could you resist going to Hawaii when the airfare is $303 round trip and hotel rates are much cheaper than normal? We couldn’t so we took advantage of the opportunity. We were suppose to stay at a hotel for one night and we rented a vacation home for the rest of the week but we ended up extending at the hotel for two more days since the owner made a mistake with our booking. Our extra nights at the hotel was reimbursed by the vacation home owner so it was all good. We stayed at Pacific Hotel, just a block away from Waikiki beach then we headed to Kailua for the remaining days. We chose Kailua because of Lanikai and one of our favorite artists, Hawaii’s very own Justin Kawika Young! 😀 Yes, we heart Justin Young and he’s from Kailua. Not that we plan on stalking him or anything but even if we wanted to it’s not possible because he was already residing in LA at the time and we were fortunate enough to meet him at Colbie Caillat’s very first concert just a few months before our trip. He was her guitarist during her tour and he even tried to help us get our CD’s autographed by Colbie. Justin Young’s songs were our Hawaiian getaway soundtrack and One Foot on Sand was on repeat! Hahahaha! :D. It was funny because when we stopped at North Shore to try some of the famous garlic shrimp, his version of the song Leaving on a Jet Plane comes on the radio and that totally made our day! 😀 Did I mentioned that we love him? Hahahaha! We really do! He’s a humble and talented artist and deserves to get noticed! I am totally smiling at this very moment while I type away and recall some of our fun moments during that  trip. It’s always the little things that means the most :).

Anyway, here are some photos from our first and second day in beautiful Hawaii :). We didn’t really get to do much on our first day as we arrived late in the afternoon and it rained. It rained the next day too but we still went to Lanikai and thankfully the sun came out in the afternoon :).

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