So Why Give Up Now?

I know that life hasn’t been that easy for you. Growing up the way that you did, you struggled and fought hard with life’s many adversities. Though you lacked guidance from the people that you love who should have been there for you, you still managed to lead a happy life then and always saw the good in people. So why give up now? Why are you letting life’s misfortune decide for you? Why are you drowning yourself in despair and allowing the negative thoughts to own you? You are better than that! You have sacrificed your life and own happiness for other people for so long. It’s time that you rise up! Look deep within yourself and find the courage to go on. Go on living life full of hope and aspirations. The happy and positive person you once were is still there. Waiting to be awakened. Waiting to be rediscovered. So get up and look at the bright side of life! Don’t turn your back around. Instead face tomorrow with a renewed strength, courage and always remember that your happiness need not to depend only in success but most importantly at how you rise up to every challenge.

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2 thoughts on “So Why Give Up Now?

  1. Never feel sorry for yourself. That is giving up. That is like mourning the living. Wait until you die and let the others mourn. While you are alive…live.

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