The Daily Post Topic #31: What tech can’t you live without?

What’s one piece of technology you can’t live without?

I had to really think about this one because I was torn between my laptop and mobile phone.  See, I love how you can do so many things with your mobile phone nowadays. It’s so convenient that you can now shop, do bank transactions, book your flight and hotel and do many more things using your mobile phone. I love the feeling of being completely mobile BUT I can also do all of this using my laptop. I can also make phone calls now using my laptop as long as I have internet connectivity (Thanks to the awesomeness of VOIP!) and WiFi is now everywhere so you’re always connected! Though a mobile phone is a lot easier to carry and offers many conveniences, I’d say laptop is the tech I can’t live without because of my work. I’m a photographer and a web designer and I can’t really do the type of editing I do on photos and build websites using my mobile phone.

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