Throwback Thursday: Me and My Grandpa

_ps_me_papangPapang, as the family calls him was a very smart man who spoke very well in Latin and English (English is Filipino’s 2nd language) and was also a great writer and typed most of his letters with a vintage typewriter :D. I used to be so amazed watching my grandfather type his letters and I found changing the typewriter ribbon quite interesting. I used to watched him change the ribbon on the typewriter so I know what to do in case I’m typing and the ribbon ran out of ink. I think I was seven or eight when I first used a typewriter and it was definitely one of the highlights of my childhood :D. I used to try to copy how fast my grandfather types but I could never do it and I would get so frustrated all time. Hahahaha!

My grandpa was also a funny man but quite strict. He was always so protective of all of us and always wanted us to have good grades in school. Education was very important to my grandpa and it is a MUST in the family to obtain a college degree. I am thankful and blessed to be raised by a man like him and for the values he instilled in me and my family.

Thank you for all the love and support Papang.

We miss you dearly and we know that you are watching over us…guiding and protecting us like always.

Happy Father’s Day Papang! We love you!

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