Throwback Thursday: High School Life


Meet the nerdy ME from high school! Hahahaha! Not that I’m no longer nerdy but I’d say I was much more nerdy back in high school! Lol! This photo was taken back when I was in first year high school at the age of thirteen. I really loved my high school uniform especially the tie. I thought it was pretty neat to get to wear one everyday :-). I also loved the all white uniform but it was very challenging to keep it clean during rainy season in my home country. I took public transportation to go to school and in between getting off and on jeepneys or tricycles I had to take a walk to each station and I would end up with mud splatters all over my skirt even if I walked slowly just to avoid getting my skirt dirty. That is one reason I hated rainy season in the Philippines! It lasts about six months out of a year but it doesn’t rain for six months straight, it’s sporadic not unless there’s a typhoon. Then it could rain for weeks at a time causing flood and other calamities :-(. What’s the only thing that a high schooler like me then looks forward to at times like that??? No school! πŸ˜€ Just like in the US when there is a snow storm.

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