Why judge?


A great friend of mine shared this quote in Facebook a few days ago and I couldn’t agree more. I think some people tend to pass judgement too quickly without even taking a moment to think first. Why not always give the benefit of the doubt? Plus how could someone even pass judgment against another person so quickly when they don’t even know the whole story yet! Nobody’s perfect! We’re all flawed.  Get to know their back story first before you assume anything. I think it’s always best to look at both sides of the story and assess the situation then you can make your own opinion which we are all entitled to anyway. But then again just because you have an opinion about something or someone doesn’t mean you’re right either. What’s right or acceptable for you could be the opposite for someone else that is why we should never impose our own opinions to other people as we are all perfectly capable of thinking for ourselves.

It’s sad that some people tend to fall in this type of mentality but one good thing about it is you’ll find out who your true friends are and who truly cares and those are the people who should really matter in your life! 😉

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