Mirrors, A Song About True Love

IMG_20130323_223729I’m one of those people who loves listening to music and dissecting the lyrics of each song 🙂 I prefer listening to songs that I can relate to or something that makes me think about life in general. Beautiful songs with powerful lyrics move me and inspires me so much. It touches the softest part of my heart. I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way as music touches our lives in a very special way.  After all, music holds no barriers. Music truly is the universal language of all.

IMG_20130319_201551One of my favorite songs these days is the song Mirrors by Justin Timberlake. I’m a huge JT fan and I’ve been a fan since his ‘N Sync days :). I’ve watched him grow from the Mickey Mouse Club to a boy band, to an actor, comedian and to a seasoned solo artist. He creates beautiful music and his a man of many talents for sure.  This week he released his 3rd album entitled The 20/20 Experience. Well, you guessed it! I had to have the new album ASAP! 😉 I’ve been jamming to the album this whole week and there’s one track in particular that I keep going back to. I am totally in love with track #9, the song Mirrors. I first heard the song when I saw him perform on Late Night with Jimmy FallonI love the beat of the song but didn’t quite understand the lyrics at that time. Probably it’s because I was multitasking. Eating dinner, playing some game on my phone and catching up with Timberweek on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Hehehehe!  Anyway, I kept listening to the song this whole week. I had it on repeat on my car’s CD player and jamming with the song over and over again while working. It’s just nonstop listening to the same song for almost a week. Yep, that’s how I usually am when I really really like the song! Crazy you might think but I know there are some out there who can relate to me ;-). So, that night after I had just purchased JT’s new album at Target (it’s exclusive at Target for $9.99 and it comes with 2 bonus tracks), I got curious if there’s already a video released for my new favorite JT song Mirrors. Well, I wasn’t disappointed! The video was released at the same day the album was released in stores! The video is quite long just like the song….about 8 minutes but it’s definitely worth watching! I thought the song was very moving but I was even more moved after seeing the video as it will definitely make you think about your life, especially love life (for those hopeless romantics out there like me….hehehehe!).  The song will make you think about that special someone in your life. It will make you think about the
IMG_20130323_224613 depth of your love for that person and that no matter what craziness you go through in life sometimes, if you are meant for each other, you are bound to be together in the end. I always think that there is one person who is meant for each of us and once we find that person…we’ll know…because nobody else can ever make us feel the way that this person can.  Some people are lucky to find their one true love right away but for some it may take some time and it always happens at the right place and time. I always say that “love is meant to Screenshot_2013-03-22-17-11-30compliment our lives and not to complicate it” because I believe that “truly loving someone means never having to lose yourself in the process”, instead it helps create a better version of ourselves. We become an inspiration to each other. We are each other’s number one fan and supporter. Not only are we lovers but also confidants…best friends. Just like what  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry says, Loving is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction.”

I’ve posted the video below to share with it everyone:). I hope you all like the song and find it inspiring as much as I do and I hope it puts a smile on your face.

To all those with that special someone, may you never lose that love and respect for each other and may each day of your lives be filled with bliss. To those who are still waiting for that special someone…that person will find you soon…just be more patient…the right time will come and everything will fall into place. And lastly, to those who believe that they have found their true love but lost them, just have faith and never stop believing because what’s meant to be will always find a way! 😉 

Thanks for taking the time to read my post!  Have a blessed Sunday and have a great week ahead everyone!

Enjoy the video! Take care! 🙂


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