Catching up!

So, I haven’t really blogged for about a month now. I’ve been quite busy plus I’ve been having issues with my blog since I subscribed to Go Daddy’s hosting. It’s SUPER slow and I was getting hit by SO much spam and that did not make me very happy at all. At first I was so excited about the whole thing because there are many things that I’d be able to do with my upgraded blog but it proved to be more work than I anticipated. I really just want to enjoy writing and don’t have to worry about doing so much maintenance because the apps that I’m using needs to be upgraded almost every week. Though there are certain things I can’t do in’s free blog unless I pay a subscription, I would much rather spend my time writing than spending SO much time doing maintenance on my blog. So, I think I’ll stick to what I originally have for now.

I have quite a bit of catching up to do with the Daily Posts. I really miss that! I found it refreshing to write about random topics and it’s fun to read what other people wrote about the same topic πŸ™‚ I’m also missing out on the weekly photo challenge…gotta catch up on that too!

Well, I’m glad I’m already starting to catch up with blogging and this is my start! Hahahaha!

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