Fun Times in Mexico!

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone and happy TBT (Throwback Thursday)! πŸ˜‰ Hope you’re all having a great morning, afternoon or night. πŸ™‚ I thought today would be the perfect time to share our adventures with the family in Mexico from late last year since it’s throwback Thursday and Cinco de Mayo. πŸ˜‰

2015 was definitely a busy travel year for us. It was also the first time we’ve ever set foot in Mexico although we lived about 20 minutes away from the US-Mexico border at Tijuana. We’ve been wanting to go for many years but never really took the planning seriously plusΒ  the unpleasant news that we hear about Mexico instantly discourages us from going. Anyway, we totally made up for it last year as we crossed the border not just once but three times! Twice in the US-Mexico Tijuana border and once at Mexicali border.

Crossing the Mexicali border wasn’t planned at all. It was a random spontaneous decision that started as a joke and before you knew it we were driving inside Mexico. We didn’t have any plans and we don’t know where to go so we just drove around for an hour. We were giddy and excited but also nervous at the same time. We thought about stopping at a mall that we passed by but we were too chicken to do it. Hahahaha! πŸ˜› We were content with just taking some pics while we drove around. We decided to head back to the US soil before it got really dark. Well, the border wait took about an hour and a half but it was nothing short of interesting. The husby ended up buying himself a souvenir hat and I bought three tiny purses.

We had a better experience on our second visit to Mexico two weeks later. This time we crossed the border in the Tijuana side. We were celebrating two birthdays that time and we did some fun activities involving zip lining and hanging bridges at Las Canadas Campamento in Ensenada. I did talk about that fun and life changing experience here last year.

Since we absolutely enjoyed the activities they have at Las Canada Campamento, my father-in-law decided that we should go back there for our annual family reunion later in the year. Visiting Mexico the 3rd time around was even more fun although this time we were only there for the whole day. It was our last hurrah before the summer ended and boy did we get plenty of sunshine that day. It was a gloomy Saturday morning when we left San Diego to head to Ensenada and by the time we crossed the border, Mr. Sunshine was all smiles giving us a beautiful day to explore.

We were all famished by the time we arrived in Ensenada so we had lunch first before heading to Las Canadas Campamento. We had lunch at Los Gaviotas Restaurante, the same place we had dinner at a few months earlier. They don’t have an English menu and there were no photos to use as a reference but we were fortunate the first time we went there because the owner was there and she spoke English. When we went there the second time around with family, ordering food became quite challenging as we barely speak Spanish and none of the servers spoke English. Also, the owner wasn’t there.We really didn’t want to eat anywhere else so we did our best to place our order and the servers were very patient and understanding. The food was as delicious as it was the first time we were there and my husband ordered a seafood platter without realizing that the serving was huge and two of it would’ve been enough for all of us.

So after lunch, we were off to the camp for some zip lining fun. My sister-in-law haven’t tried it before and she was a bit nervous about the whole thing. She screamed on every zip line but she did great and had fun. My mother-in-law enjoyed the experience as well despite the hot weather. Since it was my second time there, I already knew what to expect. I wasn’t shaking and super nervous like I was the first time. It was all pure fun adrenaline rush. An experience that not only helps you physically but also mentally and emotionally. It is something that will absolutely help you overcome your fear of heights.

After the camp, we drove to see La Bufadora. La Bufadora is a marine geyser or blowhole located on the Punta Banda Peninsula,Β  21 miles south from the city of Ensenada. There were fellow tourists and locals waiting patiently in amazement to see the spout of seawater exploding upwards that repeats every minute or so with its volume depending on the strength of the waves. You can see the excitement in everyone’s faces and hear their oh’s and ah’s while holding their cameras waiting to get that perfect shot. It really is a beautiful site to see! The wonders of nature never ceases to amaze me. I especially love watching my niece’s reaction every time she sees that spout of seawater in the air. ❀

Before leaving we checked out the variety of stores in the area. We bought a few souvenirs such as beautiful bags and hats made from straw, a stool made from leather, a beautiful blanket and some magnets. I especially liked a pair of cowboy boots that I saw but I was good and didn’t buy it. After some shopping we headed to Pueto Nuevo for dinner. We all ordered their specialty which is lobster. πŸ™‚

Getting back to San Diego that night took forever. The wait at the border was almost two hours. We got home around 1AM and we were all pooped out but we had an amazing time and created new memories. Overall it was a beautiful day spent with the family.  ❀

If you ever plan to visit Ensenada in the future, I highly recommend Las Canadas Campamento especially if you’re an adrenaline junkie. La Bufadora is a must visit if you like the ocean, beautiful sunsets and shopping. For delicious food, I recommend Las Gaviotas Restaurante and Restaurant Puerto Nuevo II. πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading! Have a fun and safe Cinco de Mayo! πŸ™‚

Here are some photos from our day trip to Mexico. πŸ™‚




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  1. enjoyed the post! πŸ™‚ Wrote about something recently.. on why the destination has to be felt deeply before and during, for the travel to be real..

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