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Hi everyone! I’m not sure if you noticed it yet but I just changed the name of my blog and it’s web address. I finally said goodbye to Un Giorno Nella Vita. I’ve been thinking about changing it within the past year but I couldn’t think of a better name until two weeks ago when I was browsing my Instagram posts and I noticed the hashtags I frequently use which are #explore #adventure #discover. I figured why not use that as a new name for my blog. So I said to myself that if the domain is available and if the name is available on Instagram, then it’s meant for me. Well, I checked both and it is available so I wasted no time in acquiring it. Changing my Twitter account on the other hand proved to be a bit more challenging but after a few tries, I finally came up with a new name that’s close to what I want and it’s available. 😉

When I first switched the primary domain an hour or so ago, the link seems to be broken and I started to worry a bit because I just created and updated the Facebook page for my blog. I have yet to publish the page though. I will let you guys know once it’s published and I hope that you will join me in Facebook as well. 🙂 So I kept testing the links, switching back and forth with the previous domain then I remembered that sometimes it takes a bit of time for everything to refresh and go live. I started chatting with the tech support just to make sure that I didn’t miss any steps and before I even  got the answer to my question, the issue has been resolved. The links were finally working! Yay! 🙂 Domain mapping was a success! 😉

I will be doing some more updates in my blog in the next couple of days. I’m thinking of a new theme but who knows. My mood seems to be doing a lot of the decisions for me this past week. Hahahaha! 😀 I blame the fever plus sore throat and now my allergy took over. Sneezing, itchy eyes and stuffy nose. I haven’t been able to sleep good because I’m congested at night and I keep whining that I can’t breathe. I am usually able to tolerate it but not this time. I’m on day two taking Allegra for my allergies and I’m scheduled to have my tooth pulled this Friday. I refuse to go through the torture of root canal and implant so tooth extraction is my only preference. So much going on for me in the health department lately. Please say a prayer for me for a seamless surgery and speedy recovery. Muchas gracias my friends and I apologize for venting. ❤

Anyway, how did I go from talking about overhauling my blog to my health issues. Ugh! :-/ It must be the effects of antibiotics and antihistamine. Well, I’m going to end this post for now before I start talking about other irrelevant stuff. 😀

Happy Friday eve folks! Laterz! 😉

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