Visiting the Self-Realization Fellowship Temple

My better half and I went to the Self-Realization Fellowship Temple last weekend to see what the buzz is all about. We heard it’s the “go to”  place when you need some alone time to meditate or just relax so we wanted to check it out for ourselves.

Per Wikipedia, Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) is a worldwide spiritual organization founded by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1920 and legally incorporated as a non-profit religious organization in 1935, to serve as Yogananda’s instrument for the preservation and worldwide dissemination of his writings and teachings, including Kriya Yoga. Yogananda wrote in God Talks With Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita that the science of Kriya Yoga was given to Manu, the original Adam, and through him to Janaka and other royal sages. 

SRF is located in Encinitas, a coastal beach city about 25 miles north of San Diego. It includes a Hermitage and Meditation Gardens, and a book and gift store. The gardens sit on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean which I think is a perfect location for such a peaceful place. There is no admission fee and you are more than welcome to make a donation if you wish to do so. We went late in the afternoon so we can see the sunset and the crowd wasn’t that bad. There were benches situated in different corners of the garden and I’ve seen some people meditating and reading books. There were people taking photos like us as well. Most likely tourists. There were also giant kois swimming in the ponds and one of them is named “Edelweiss”! 😀 I could not believe it when they told us that one of the kois has the same name as mine! I’ve never met anyone whose name is similar to mine until I met this fish! Hahahaha! 😀 We were told that the monks were the one who gave the fish that name. I wonder why they chose that name. We were also told that “Edelweiss the fish” is quite picky with food. Ha! And I thought we only have the same name! Hahahaha! Yes, I’m a foodie but it’s not rare that I dissect my food because I only eat the parts that looks appealing to me. 😀

Anyway, Self-Realization Fellowship or SRF is definitely worth the visit. It’s a beautiful and peaceful place perfect for those times when you need to do some soul-searching or just to relax and unwind. Plus an added bonus is that your just steps away from the world-famous surfing spot Swami’s or Swami’s Reef. The garden is overlooking Swamis and it’s common to see many surfer’s riding the waves especially on the weekends.

Here are some photos from are weekend wanderings!

WARNING: Photo overload! 😀







2 thoughts on “Visiting the Self-Realization Fellowship Temple

  1. If I ever get a female pet, I will name it Edelweiss and I can have you meet her as well. Ahihihi 😀 Very nice place for self-realization indeed!

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