“Dear Intending Partner,”

Back in April I received an inquiry from a person claiming to be Mrs. Gogna Mridula and all she said was that she is needing some assistance for a project. Since I’ve been getting scam emails like this, I decided to reply just to see what else does this so-called Mrs. Gogna Mridula have to say or if they would even reply at all. It is best practice not to respond to suspicious emails because most of these scammers are trying to figure out if the email address they have on hand is legit in the first place, so if you responded, then that’s their confirmation that it is indeed legit. Anyway, below is a screenshot of the string of emails.


Because of my IT background, I have a habit of checking the header of emails that I’m receiving especially if it’s from someone I don’t know. Sometimes I even go to the extreme when tracing the origin of an email. 😀 and this particular email’s origin was already a red flag to me but my curiosity won me over that day. I wanted to see if this scammer would actually reply. Well, it didn’t take too long for that to happen and this is what Mrs. Gogna Mridula said,


This is my second time reading this email and I can’t help but laugh out loud as this person actually have no shame and is confidently asking me to be an accomplice of such crimes (of course based on their manufactured story). This person actually wants me to become a con artist and she (if this person is indeed a Mrs.) talks like it’s some lucrative position from a well-respected firm. Hahahaha! NO THANK YOU! So I decided to reply back and this is what I said,


I have to admit that I was very annoyed when I first read the email and that is why I chose to respond. The phrase “Dear Intending Partner” really cracks me up though! 😀 I honestly don’t know if that person cared one bit about what I said but I’m glad that I said what was on my mind. 🙂

Image Source

Hahahahaha! 😀


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