Fun Fact Fridays: The History of Graphic Design

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I’ve been doing a lot of graphics design lately and I got so curious about the history of it. I started wondering who created the very first graphic design, what it was, where it was, what did they use to create it and so on and so forth. Graphics design has evolved so much because of technology and nowadays even certain mobile apps gives us the capability to get creative anywhere at anytime. We don’t have to be necessary glued in front of our computers anymore. At least for the not so complicated designs :). I was trying to picture how it was back then when they didn’t have any software yet that is specific to graphic design. So the nerd in me went into action and started digging for some info and boy was I surprised! I was absolutely amazed at what I discovered! Adobe who? Hahahaha! I just had to say that because I can’t help but feel upset about Adobe’s “uber” expensive software. I honestly think it’s ridiculous how much their software costs. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing what you can do with Adobe Creative Suite but the same thing can also be achieved with a much lesser priced graphic design software (yay for CorelDraw :D). I’ve used both and got the same results that I was expecting that’s why I think they should be priced the same. The more affordable it is, the better! ;-). Anyway, here’s what I found to summarize the very fascinating and rich history of graphics design.

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