Happy Anniversary!!!

Happy 4th year of blogging to me!!!

 Happy Anniversary Un Giorno Nella Vita!!!

😀 😀 😀

Wow! Four years! Time really flies when you’re having fun and you all make blogging fun and inspirational!

I know I’ve said it many times before but I will never get tired of thanking you all for being my inspiration to continue writing and sharing anything that evokes inspiration, hope, faith and love.

I apologize if I haven’t been that active within the past weeks. I was on family vacation 2 weeks ago (can’t wait to share some family adventures we had :)), then the following week I had a swollen eyelid for 3 days, and since yesterday morning I’ve been dealing with food poisoning. I tried to post something but I was too weak and disoriented and I couldn’t remember if I actually posted  it successfully. It’s the worst feeling in the world but I am grateful that I now have some energy , enough to think  and type unlike yesterday when I can barely do anything. Anyway, I won’t bore you to details anymore about my two-day ordeal being sick but I’d like to say once again, THANK YOU for visiting my blog, for following, for subscribing, for the comments and likes, it means a lot to me and I wasn’t going to let this day go by without thanking you all for continuing to inspire me :).

Salud to many more years of blogging and I hope that I can inspire you or continue to inspire you even in the simplest form.

Take care everyone & God Bless! 🙂

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