Hawaii is Paradise: Part 3- Catamaran Breakfast Sail

Our Hawaiian getaway six years ago was definitely memorable and I got to check quite a few on my bucket list from that trip. One of my bucket list checks was the catamaran sail. It was my first sailing experience and I was excited and nervous at the same time. I was already up around five o’clock in the morning that day to get ready for the breakfast sail as we have to be there before 9 AM. We have a half an hour drive to Waikiki as we were staying in Kailua at the time. I remember that morning being a little foggy when we left and it was overcast the entire time we were sailing. Actually, it was overcast the entire day and it rained in the afternoon. I’m really glad it didn’t rain while we were sailing though. Anyway, our breakfast sail from Makani was included in our Go Card and I tell you, that $80 we spent for two Go Cards was so worth it! I believe we were sailing between 2-3 hours. I can’t remember how long exactly because it’s been years but I know that we were on the water for a while. I also can’t remember if sandwich was provided but what  I do remember was the yummy drink called High Tide. That cocktail drink was absolutely delicious and I remember the bar tender saying that he bought the coconut rum that he added to our drinks all the way from the Bahamas when he was there a few months earlier. That’s one drink I definitely can’t forget and I have yet to find a drink that tastes like it. Well, maybe if I drink cocktails more often I might end up discovering something similar or better. Nah, I’m happy the way I am. Drinking occasionally is absolutely fine with me :D.

I’m tying to recall if we did see a whale but I know that we did see some dolphins. I wish I have some photos though. Overall, I really enjoyed sailing that day all though I had my Kung-Fu grip on the catamaran railings almost the entire time. Hahahaha!

Here’s a short video and some of our photos from that day :).


3 thoughts on “Hawaii is Paradise: Part 3- Catamaran Breakfast Sail

  1. Urgh! Now I think water will be my thing for this weekend because of this post. 🙂 We all have that one or two drink or food that really stands out from the rest, eh. I’ve only been to Waikiki for one day because of flight delay. We didn’t get to explore to much because of rain but we did get to meander around the area.

    1. Go for it! It’s the perfect season to do it! 🙂 Hawaii is beautiful! I haven’t had the chance to explore the other islands yet but I have a friend who lives in Maui and others who have been to the other islands and I heard nothing but good things about it. You should totally visit Hawaii. You will love it there! 🙂

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