The Picturesque Lake Ashi

Happy Friday eve (that’s what I call Thursday 😀 ) and Throwback Thursday (TBT) everyone! 😀 For my TBT this week, I’m going to share some of my favorite moments from my trip to Hakone a few years ago and I will start with my enjoyable experience cruising the picturesque Lake Ashinoko aka Lake Ashi.

Lake Ashi is a beautiful place! It’s one of those places that you would want to go to when you want to unplug and really relax because it’s refreshingly beautiful and serene. Lake Ashi or Lake Ashinoko is located in Hakone, a part of Kanagawa Prefecture in Honshu Japan. I was drawn to this place because of the torii gates that I have seen in some movies :). I was really intrigued by it and wanted to see it in person. Weather permitting, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji from Lake Ashi. You can also enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of Mt. Fuji aboard Hakone’s Komagatake Ropeway. It is an aerial tramway that climbs Mt. Komagatake on the east side. It was a beautiful day in autumn when I went there and I got to really enjoy the scenery although it was a bit chilly. I also went on a ferry ride where I got to enjoy the picturesque Lake Ashi even more. I wish I had also gone on the pirate ship but I didn’t have enough time so I’m saving that for my next visit :).





3 thoughts on “The Picturesque Lake Ashi

  1. Okinawa didn’t have that kind of torii gate, and their old torii gates are mostly destroyed by the war. Would love to those kinds of torii gates myself. Refreshing views indeed!

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