5 Cities in 72 Hours: Part 5- San Francisco

Oh San Francisco! You are beautiful! It was the last leg of our 72-hour road trip that we didn’t want to end! In case you missed my previous posts, my fiance and I went on a very tiring but well worth it 72-hour road trip flying in from San Diego to San Francisco then drove to Monterey, Pebble Beach, Solvang, Hearst Castle, Big Sur and then back to San Francisco for our flight back to San Diego. We arrived at San Francisco around 8 PM on a Sunday that 3rd weekend of April in 2008 and although we were quite tired, we still managed to visit the Golden Gate Bridge to see how beautiful it looks at night (we were so glad we did). To get the best view of the bridge at night, we went to Horseshoe Bay in Sausalito, just North of San Francisco. I wish we had better cameras at the time for the entire trip to better capture the beautiful sceneries and landmarks that we’ve seen. The Golden Gate Bridge is an amazing work of art! No wonder it’s one of the most beautiful and most photographed bridge in the world. It really is a MUST see.

After our quick nighttime sightseeing, we went ahead and checked in to our hotel. We were just going to check in then head back out to grab dinner but we were so pooped out that we decided to just call in for room service. We stayed at Prescott Hotel located in the center of the city and close to San Francisco’s popular attractions. It was a really nice hotel that allowed us to have our much-needed rest for the busy half a day we were going to have the next day before heading back home. We also enjoyed our room service dinner and I must day that it was the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had aside from the one I discovered recently in San Diego which I will share here in my blog too! The food was from Wolfgang Puck’s Postrio which is located at the hotel’s lobby. I wish I can find the photos I took of that yummy mac and cheese and the interior of the hotel so I can share it here. Anyway, we had a busy morning planned but had a hard time waking up early that we missed breakfast and ended up leaving the hotel at 11 AM, two hours later than what we originally planned. We checked out and headed back to the Golden Gate Bridge only to see fog! Yes, fog! But we patiently waited and good thing it didn’t take that long for the fog to go away. Leaving the hotel two hours later actually worked out even better for us! See, things always happen for a reason! 😉 So, we spent a good amount of time enjoying the scenery and taking photos. We also went to Crissy Field, Fisherman’s Wharf,  checked out the sea lions at Pier 39, Lombard Street, Japanese Tea Garden, Palace of Fine Arts and De Young Museum. We also had a glimpse of Alcatraz Island, the Coit Tower and the Painted Ladies. Ahhh, so many places to see, so little time! We did all that from 11 AM until 4:30 PM. We were in such a hurry the whole time that it felt like we were in the Amazing Race! Hahahaha! But at least we were able to squeeze in some time to eat lunch and buy some souvenirs! We had to tell the waiter that we were in a hurry though and they rushed everything for us which was very nice :). I’m also glad that we didn’t miss our flight although we were the last ones to board. Phew!

We were able to swing by the city again in 2010 en route to Bremerton (Washington) but still didn’t have enough time to really explore in a leisurely pace. So we plan on going back again sometime soon and really enjoy what the city has to offer :).

Here are some of our photos but please be warned that you’ll see us in most of the photos as we had way too much fun posing that day! Hahahaha! 😀


7 thoughts on “5 Cities in 72 Hours: Part 5- San Francisco

  1. Golden Gate Bridge at night looks like a very great idea. Maybe the next time I visit. Weird I actually loving your ‘city’ pics than the actual destinations. Maybe just from looking at the pics at the moment. San Fran has so many levels. Ahihihi I tried to locate that darn Colt Tower before, but I failed. Grrrr.
    Lombard St really is neat, eh. I watched the video, but I can’t really tell how hard it is to drive it?
    Did you my heart there? I left it there in San Francisco. 😆

    1. Awww….thanks mucho! I definitely brought my heart back to San Diego! Hahahaha! But I am looking forward to going back there one of these days. I didn’t get the see the Coit Tower up close either! It’s on my list though. I’d say Lombard St. would be a little challenging if you’re driving a stick shift but good thing I didn’t drive my car there and rented an automatic instead. 😀

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