5 Cities in 72 Hours: Part 2- Solvang

Located in Santa Barbara County, Solvang is a quaint little Danish town with lots of character and it is also one of the communities that make up the Santa Ynez Valley. I first heard about Solvang when I was in college where I spent most of my free time watching shows on the Travel Channel, The Food Network and The History Channel. I remember writing down places that I want to visit once I graduate from college. Seeing beautiful places, learning about its history and trying new foods also became my motivation in finishing school. I figured in order for me to do all those, I need to make a decent living enough to cover my expenses. Anyway, I was very intrigued about Solvang especially after seeing photos on the internet and reading some articles about it. I really wanted to see it for myself and get the feel of being in Denmark without leaving the country 🙂 Also, I have to try the famous aebleskiver (pronounced ebel-sku-wyr) . It was a short visit but well worth it!

Here are some photos! 🙂

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