365 Days of Gratitude: I am GRATEFUL for the gift of beautiful memories.


Today’s beautiful moments are tomorrow’s beautiful memories.

Beautiful memories always make me smile and puts my heart at ease. It is something that I hold very dear to my heart and something that no one can take away from me. Of course we have memories of things that we’d rather forget but if you really think about it, those memories also played a significant role in our lives. It is a part of us whether we like it or not and we are who we are now also because of those memories. But we have to look at it in a more positive note and focus on the beautiful part of it instead.

A few weeks ago I dreamt about my grandmother again and this was about a  week before her birthday. She seems very happy, content and like her usual self, always smiling.  I remember being so excited in my dream upon seeing her. I usually forget what I dreamt about a few minutes after waking up but every time I have dreams about a loved one, I immediately grab my phone and start jotting down notes of whatever I can remember before my memory about it completely fades away. I then reread what I wrote sometime in the day to refresh my mind. After reading what I wrote about that particular dream, I started crying. I couldn’t help it. I miss my grandma even more. I felt like she was sending me a message. Like it was her way of reminding me of her birthday and at the same time greeting me for my birthday. See, our birthdays are only a few days apart and we’ve celebrated many birthdays together. Last year when I went to see her, I told my mother that I want to celebrate my birthday this year with my grandma. We can have a double celebration just like before when I was younger but unfortunately it didn’t turn out that way 😦 . Since I was feeling really low, I decided to look at old photographs and found photos of me and my grandma celebrating our birthdays together. I had mixed feelings while looking through the stack of photos. I was happy and sad at the same time but grateful for all the beautiful memories she left behind. I really am truly blessed for having her as my grandmother. I know I say it a lot but I will never get tired of it. I am grateful not just to her but also to my grandfather as they both made sure that I grew up happy and healthy. I learned so much from them. My grandmother taught me how to read and write at a very young age. I was already writing in script at the age of eight and was reading textbooks one year ahead of my grade because of my grandmother’s patience in teaching me. She was also my math tutor and she taught me tricks so I could easily memorize the multiplication table 🙂 . My grandpa on the other hand was my English tutor. He was really good in grammar and was a great writer. I was inspired to write because of him. I remember being so amazed watching him typing away with his vintage typewriter when I was a young child and when he wasn’t using it, I would sneak in to use it only to start panicking when the ribbon runs out and I don’t know how to replace it. I would immediately stop before he finds out and I’d pretend that I did not touch it! Hahahaha! Of course he knew it was me using his precious typewriter! I never got in trouble though, instead he showed me how to properly use it and how to change the ribbon 😀 .

Oh, the memories! These are just some of the beautiful memories I have of my grandparents that I will forever treasure. Memories that are so preciously guarded in my heart. ♥♥♥

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