Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

The carcass of the endangered fin whale that washed up along the San Diego coastline, just 3 meters away from the border of Mexico.

I read the news about the carcass of this endangered fin whale that washed up along the San Diego coastline 10 days ago and I was curious about it so my fiance and I decided to drive up to Border Field State Park, about 30 minutes drive from where we live to check it out. The carcass of the fin whale has been there for about a week and the smell is absolutely appalling. There were other people like us too who were curious and wanted to see the whale. We took some photos with the whale in the background and it’s automatic for us to smile when taking photos but I seriously felt terrible after I realized what I just saw. It’s really sad to see a lifeless body of a marine animal just lying there and the authorities took sometime to figure out what to do with it.  But according to the most recent news that I read about this, the carcass of the whale had been cut into pieces and will be taken to a landfill. Authorities also said that they might keep the skull on display at the park for educational purposes.



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