Remembering Paul Walker…..

I just had to share these videos. I’ve been a big fan of Paul Walker for many years and it still breaks my heart to know that he’s gone. I really wish I got to meet him in person when he was still with us. A friend of mine’s friend is good friends with Paul and for the last couple of years I kept asking my friend to ask his friend to introduce me to him. The last time I asked my friend was on my birthday and he did asked his friend about it and sent me a copy of the text message but unfortunately it never happened. I figured I’d keep asking until my dream of meeting Paul becomes a reality. It was so close but yet so far but I’m still happy that I got to see some photos of him that were not really publicized.

I feel for his  family most especially for his daughter for this tremendous loss 😦 . He’s a beautiful person inside and out. A genuine person with a huge heart who never let fame get into his head. He’s an inspiration to many and a true hero gone too soon. Here is another video where he talked about his life before fame. He is just so grounded…so humble…someone we can all learn from.

Below is a screenshot of Paul’s photo that I reposted on Instagram and Facebook from one of his good friends. I couldn’t help but get emotional while reading his story about his good friend Paul. It’s very touching how he recalls his friend’s genuine act of kindness and compassion. You can definitely sense how much of an impact Paul had on his life and I think I can relate to that even though I don’t know him personally. As a fan for many years I felt like he is my friend too, a friend who inspires me to be a better person.


I’m sharing stories about Paul Walker not because he was a famous actor but because he has inspired me in so many levels. It’s amazing to hear stories from random people about how he made a difference in their lives. He’s not like most Hollywood stars who donates money to charities and their help ends there. Paul actually walked the walk. I think the world needs to know about his genuine intentions in order to help keep his legacy alive and so that the good work he had started can continue through his charity, Reach Out Worldwide.

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These photos were taken the day after Paul’s funeral, two weeks after his passing when my fiance & I went to pay our last respects. We wanted to attend the public memorial but it was held the day before we got back to the country. I recall the flight stewardess telling us about the incident and we dismissed it and said that it’s most likely just a hoax. Then I received a message from my Mom and some friends telling me about it. They know that I’m a big fan of Paul Walker and I appreciate it so much that they made an effort to let me know via text message since I was out of the country. Oh how I wish that it really was just a hoax or that it was all just a bad dream. I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way that I do 😦 . His sudden passing is just too difficult to accept and I can’t help but question why. Just like what Rob Cohen said “it’s unfair.” It didn’t have to be that way.

We miss you Paul. You will forever be in our hearts. 

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