Holiday Bargain Finds

What’s another fun thing to do during the holidays??? Shopping!!! Stores always have a special sale during the holidays and on top of that they offer extra discounts on already reduced items including the clearance section. I prefer going to the outlet malls versus the retail malls because I can’t stand it when the malls are too crowded plus you get a better discount at outlet malls. The only time I really go to a retail mall is when I am looking for something I can’t find at the outlet malls or online but I’d say about 89% of my shopping is done online, 10% at the outlet stores and about 1% at the retails malls. I’ve been an online shopper for about 10 years now and it’s rare that I had to return an item because it didn’t fit or I had a change of heart. You can actually find a lot of great deals online most especially for brand name items and even high-end products, you just have to know where to look and what day ;-). I’ll talk about that some other time :D.

Anyway, let’s get back to my bargain finds of the week. One of my favorite store for finding basic items is The Gap. I especially love their cardigan sweaters and tank tops. For work clothes, I always go to Banana Republic as I love their dew selection of women’s clothing. So before heading home last night I decided to stop by at two of my favorite stores at the outlet mall. Luckily the outlet mall is less thank five minutes away from my work. You can even walk to the mall if you want but I prefer driving….hehehehe :D. Both store were offering 50% off the entire store which is a really good deal. I went to Banana Republic first and although I found some clothing items that I like, I decided not to buy anything. My next stop was at The Gap, the first thing I noticed was the tank tops on sale for $5.99 and these were normally priced from $19.99-$22.99. Now that’s a great bargain! Their clothing items are made of good durable material and it’s so soft! That’s why I love their tank tops and it’s also tag less, which I prefer since I have a very sensitive skin. I noticed their cardigan sweater next to the tank tops and like almost everything in the store, it’s also 50% off. I actually own several colors of that cardigan already so I am looking for a different style this time and also a better deal. What I’ve noticed at the outlet stores for the last 2 years is that they have an item that’s either 60% of 75% off on Wednesdays only and yesterday was Wednesday so I was looking for that item. I kept walking around the store and just as I was about to head to the counter and pay for the items I got, I saw the best bargain of the day and of course I’m a happy gal 😀 because it was a different style of my favorite cardigan sweaters! The sweaters came in two-tone and plain color. I don’t remember owning a two-tone sweater so I hurried to check if my size is still available. The first one I chose which is a combination of orange and ivory has one XS left and the other one was lilac and navy,with two left of the XS so I grabbed both and head on to the fitting room. It fits perfect and it goes with the tank tops that I chose. I was so happy to find those sweaters and tank tops because it’s not only cute but a real bargain! For $19, I got a tank top and a cardigan sweater! I can even wear both to either work (on casual days) or when out and about around town. I just love it! Who doesn’t love a good bargain! We all do! 😉

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