My Top 5 Fashion Must Haves!


1. Cardigan Sweaters

  • Just call me the cardigan sweater girl 🙂 as I can’t live without it :D. I’ve always been that way for as long as I can remember. I wear cardigan sweaters everyday even in summer time except of course when it’s excruciatingly hot and humid. I have cardigans for all seasons and pretty much in all colors. I wear it to work, for a night-out or special occasions. I just never go anywhere without a cardigan sweater. If I’m not wearing it, I always have one in the car just in case I need it. I think investing in cardigan sweaters in a variety of colors is well worth it because you can wear it over a pretty top paired with a trouser or skirt for work instead of wearing a blazer if you want to look a little less formal. You can wear a cardigan over a cute sleeveless dress when you’re in girly girl mood especially in spring time or summer. What I love about wearing cardigan sweaters during spring or summer is that you can wear it in a variety of bright colors as long as it matches your dress or skirt. It doesn’t have to be a perfect match but it should at least blend well with your entire outfit without looking like a rainbow ;-). For dresses, I prefer to wear a 3/4 sleeves cropped cardigan  as it goes really well with a dress and it shows your womanly figure and I think the usual length of a cardigan, which hits between your waist and hips is a perfect pair with a skirt, shorts, jeans with a sleeveless top or a tank top, a cropped jeans or capris. During fall or winter, I prefer to wear a cardigan in neutral colors  but you can still be bold by wearing a red or burnt orange cardigan sweater. Purple is also a nice color to wear during winter or fall.
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The different ways I wear a cardigan sweater :D.

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2. Nude Colored Shoes

  • Another good investment is owning a neutral colored pair of shoes as you can wear it with pretty much everything! It’s great to have it in a variety of styles but the classic pumps can be a perfect pair with so many different outfits. I wasn’t crazy about the neutral colored shoes until I gave it a try and now I’m lovin’ it! Also, neutral colored shoes specially the pointed toe ones gives your height an extra boost as it makes you seem taller than you normally are because it creates the illusion of longer, slimmer legs. So for the petite ladies out there like me, I totally suggest investing on a neutral colored shoes. I think nude pumps and slingbacks are great additions to any women’s shoe collections ;-).
  • Here’s a guide to finding the perfect nude color shoes-

Two of my current favorite styles of nude shoes.

how to tie a scarf
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3. Scarf

The typical way I wear the different types of scarves.

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4. Versatile Purse

  • Oh purse, a woman’s other BFF! Hahahaha! There is an IT purse for every woman out there depending on your style preference. I think a woman’s purse and shoes makes the outfit. Just like with shoes, you have to have that “go to” purse. A purse that can pretty much go with any outfit and style. I think the purse doesn’t have to be in a neutral color but a plain color or something with small details can be any woman’s “go to” purse. Also, it’s important to choose the right purse for you body type. Yeah, who knew! I know I own some purses that are probably too big for me and even though I love ’em, I only use it occasionally as I am petite and I don’t want to look like I’m carrying an overnight bag with me everywhere! Hahahahaha! 😀
  • Here’s a guide in choosing the right purse for you based on your body type-

My current “go to” purse :D.

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5. Sunglasses

  • We all wear sunglasses and we all wear it all year round and some people even wear it at night. Sunglasses not only protects our eyes from ultraviolet rays and radiation but it is also a fashion statement, a fashion statement with benefits ;-). It’s important to choose the right pair of sunglasses that is comfortable to wear and offers the much needed protection for our eyes. I suggest choosing a pair of sunglasses that best fits the shape of your face. You have to consider which shape is most flattering to your bone structure. Of course you want to protect your eyes while looking fabulous at the same time ;-). Right ladies?!!! 😉 Hahahaha!
  • Here’s a guide to choosing that perfect sunglasses for your face shape-
  • Also, here’s a guide to choosing the right sunglasses health wise ;-)-

The different ways I wear my sunglasses :D.


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