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I’m just a simple person who tries to enjoy life to its fullest. A total geek 🙂 who loves the beach, loves to sing, dance, travel, take photographs and also loves web, print and graphic design. A lover of laughter and good conversation.  A movie junkie who loves to watch movies that will touch your hearts and make you cry while laughing :).

Photography is a great passion of mine! I LOVE taking photos of anything…of everything! I never go anywhere without my trusted camera 🙂 Taking photographs takes me to a place where I find my utmost joy. It allows me to express my creativity as well as explore my imagination and go beyond the impossible. It is an endless thirst for creativity and wanting to out do yourself all the time.

I am passionate about capturing real moments. I just love how photographs depict human emotion! I want to capture those priceless moments that often times are taken for granted. I want to preserve those priceless moments and create beautiful lasting memories; and that’s exactly what I do when I am with family and friends! I don’t want to miss anything! Life is too short to not enjoy every waking moment of it and to not document it! We are given this precious life and it is up to us to add spice to it by making our journey in this so-called life full of extraordinary experiences; experiences that builds our character and ultimately defines who we are.


Aside from photography, another passion of mine is writing! I love writing especially poems and quotations! While photography allows me to express my creativity; writing on the other hand allows me to express my innermost thoughts and feelings.

HERE you can find 25 random things about me :).

Why I created this blog and named it Un Giorno Nella Vita, which in English means A Day in the Life? Well, I really wanted to use A Day in the Life but it is a popular phrase so it’s not surprising that it is already taken. Who wouldn’t love that phrase…it’s perfect for blogging!!! So I figured, ” hey why not translate that in Italian since everybody loves Italian anyway “ and I love food! Everything Italian reminds me of food and they all sound so good 😀 Fettuccine, Tetrazinni, Frutti di Mare, Gucci…oh wait Gucci is not food! Hahaha! Am I still making any sense here?!?! Ah, whatever! I know you get what I mean! I hope! Hahaha! Of course that’s not the only reason why I chose that name, it’s the meaning behind it. I think it’s just fitting to call this blog Un Giorno Nella Vita (A Day in the Life) because  just like everyone else I am a student in the school of life and I learn as I go from my surroundings, experiences and especially from the people I have the privilege of crossing paths with. I want to share my journey and how the events in our day-to-day life becomes something much bigger and grander that it becomes our guide in making decisions that impacts our lives and others in a big or small way. I want to share my thoughts about the things that we sometimes don’t realize we take for granted. The little things that we tend to ignore. I want to share my thoughts about LIFE, LOVE and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN! Of course that includes the fun things in life and some of the girly stuff. Hahahaha! 😛 😀

So let’s all put on a happy face and have an amazing life! 🙂 I know it’s not always easy to do that but we have to try. 😉

Also, while you’re all busy making life happen, always have your trusted camera with you so you can document those special moments that you don’t ever want to forget! 😉

THANK YOU for stopping by! I appreciate your time very much! ❤

Take care & God Bless! 🙂


1.28.2012:  I just realized how much I love taking photos of fortune cookies…so yeah….I have to add that about me 🙂 …I’m a fortune cookie lover too! Hahahahaha! Below is the photo I took of my favorite fortune so far 😉

Jeremiah 29:11









* Kitty image source

36 thoughts on “More About Me

    1. Awww…you’re so sweet! That’s very kind of you to say! I’m a mixture of Chinese, Spaniard and Filipino! I guess you can say that I’m a mutt! Hahahaha!

    1. I can’t thank you enough for appreciating my work! It makes me happy when other people can relate to what I wrote and enjoy reading it. It inspires me even more to write!

      Thank you again! Take care! 🙂

    1. 🙂 Every now and then when I meet people at random events who love the song and The Sound of Music they would actually sing me the song. I thought it’s pretty cool! 😀

    1. WOW!!! I don’t know what to say!!! I am SO surprised but very grateful!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for the award! It means SO much to me and it truly made my day!!! I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and can’t stop smiling as I type this message! 😀 Gotta start working on my acceptance speech now! Hehehehe! THANK YOU SO MUCH again for the award!!! Take care! 😀

    1. Thank you so much for the nomination!!! I appreciate it!!! I’m glad you like the new look of my blog :). I’m still in the process of updating and can’t wait to finish!

      Thanks again for the nomination and for following my blog!!! Take care!! 🙂

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