Just for Laughs…..


4 thoughts on “Just for Laughs…..

  1. This is SO true! I am fully and completely sick of Taylor Swift’s media overexposure. I am sick of hearing about her supposed heart break. She and the whole world needs to get over it! On another note her music isn’t all that bad, but I can’t listen to her without thinking of all the bad press she is garnering.

    1. I feel yah! It’s like with Beyonce! I think she’s overexposed too! I like both their songs as well but I get tired of seeing both of them everywhere! LOL! I agree with you about Taylor’s rant regarding her relationships. I think she needs to find another inspiration for writing songs. I understand she’s hurt for whatever these guys did but it’s getting tiring! Hehehehe! I’m sure she can come up with something better! I also think that she needs to cool down with dating. She’s a serial dater!!! Hahahaha! One guy after another! Maybe she needs to give her self a break and she’ll eventually attract the right person that won’t make her cry. 😉

      1. Your reply came hot on the heels of the news that she finally owned up to writing the song “Trouble” for Harry! Ugh!

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