Learning to Appreciate Life and Its Complexities


We all have those moments when we question why certain things are happening in our lives be it good or bad. We spend countless hours wondering why things are the way it is and not the way we exactly want it. Well, that’s life! It’s a cycle. It’s a mystery. It’s full of surprises. I say no matter what life brings cherish it whether it’s good or bad. Learn to appreciate every circumstances that you face…good or bad…and so as the people you come across with because each person whether they bring positive or negative energies into our lives are meant to teach us something. They were put in our lives for a good reason. We may not know the reason right away but in due time the pieces of the puzzle comes together to reveal why we were put in certain situations and why certain people were put in our lives at those times.

I always believed in disguised blessings and I know it comes in many forms. Sometimes we recognize it right away but most times we don’t, that’s why I cherish every moment in my life, good or bad. And no matter what circumstances I’m facing, I always give it my best because life is too short…too short to waste on wishing and hoping that things are exactly the way we want it to be. After all,  at the end of the day when all is said and done, what matters is that we lived our lives the best way that we could and not just watched it unfold before our very eyes because we were too busy wishing and hoping. We can’t live in the past and we can only look forward to the future but what really matters is today. We have to live in the moment and that moment is NOW.

2 thoughts on “Learning to Appreciate Life and Its Complexities

  1. Living in the present-excellent message. I need to incorporate that into my daily thinking! BTW that fortune cookie message is awesome 🙂 How I love fortune cookies and their little hidden secret messages!

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