What’s in a name? Per urbandictionary.com…

I actually did this a while back and saw it while I was going through my notes in Facebook.  I thought it was funny and quite interesting! Wish there was more though 😀 Go check out your name too! It’s quite fun! 😀

EDELWEISS/EDEL means…per Urbandictionary.com

1. Edelweiss

-> ……..a party girl.. one who knows what she wants.. Someone who will have 2 kids and work as an immigration Lawyer…..

1. Edel

-> A person who is Oh so wonderful.
-> A person who is always correct.

2. Edel

-> Edel is a fairly common western European name that essentially means, “one who is only sometimes right or slightly big-headed in an argument”.

3. Edel

-> who is a n00b (newbie/newcomer)

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