Four Key Factors That Define Who We Are

An article written by  Leslie Musoko.

At certain points in time we reflect upon our lives and search for who we are. We examine our past and present deeds, our thoughts and plans then draw a conclusion of the type of person we are. In order for this analysis to be complete there are certain key factors that we must examine in detail before reaching the conclusion of who we are.

1. Risks

One of the most important aspects of getting to know ourselves is finding out what we would do outside our comfort zones. It is easy to speculate from a point of safety that we are a certain type of person but living it makes all the difference. If we really want to know the type of person that we are then we must take risks especially those outside our normal habitat to see our true selves. This does not mean taking unnecessary risk that could place us or loved ones in harms way but this means pushing ourselves outside what we are used to in order to understand our true selves.

2. Friends

Our true friends, those whom we cannot do without define who we are. These are the people that reflect our personalities and what we believe. Despite the variance or different works of life or even religion what this boils down to is the demeanor and essence of what this people bring as a whole. If we examine our friends in depth and what they stand for then we would realize that in each of them is a trait of us. There is a part of us that makes that friend a person we wish to be with. Whether it is the smallest element of us it is still a part of us and if that is the case then we can use this to find out our true selves.

3. Genes

Our family can also help us find out who we are. There would be certain personality traits, however minute that speak volumes of our personality and the decisions that we would make. They are the people we grow up with, they are the people we are made from whether we know of them or not. This is why it is very important that our core perspectives in life are righteous because this is what our children and future generations from us would carry on in life.

4. Faith

Everything above helps define us up to a point. These determine who we are as individuals based on what society can give us. Faith is the truth within us. This truth is who we are regardless of what society has to offer us. In this domain we can give up any of our friends and family for what we believe in. Faith defines who we are because it is the choice we make before God. We can choose to follow him or choose not to. From henceforth whatever decision we make would be based on this choice. This would determine our values and obedience of God’s commandments. There is no middle ground of passivity. There is no ground of not being with God and still not being with the devil. Without God is the devil regardless of whatever kindness or sacrifice we bring into the world. The next step from this is the choice of religion that we choose to follow. We may contemplate the numerous ones that are available to us and the benefits of one doctrine over another. The truth remains in our path to God. The truth lies in what defines the spirit of a man and what can quicken that spirit. Only one person has earned the right to make that decision for us and that is our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Whether we wish to believe in him or not he died for our sins and this right belongs to him.

If these factors are examined in detail then we would know where we stand as individuals and why we are the people that we are. Other factors such as food, clothes and the materialistic things that we possess are down to circumstance and what is available to us. This is what we do with what we have and not who we are.


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