Life’s Surprises

I actually wrote this almost a year ago, in October 2009 to be exact.  It’s one of my favorite topics because it’s something that we deal with all the time. It’s something that we know and are very aware of but yet it seems to surprise us all the time that life has many surprises in store for us 🙂 So here goes my 2cents about life’s surprises that surprises us 😀

_quote_about_lifeLife is full of surprises. Sometimes big, sometimes small. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. It can make us happy or sad. The funny thing is we always get a surprise when we least expect it.

We go through this life always full of hope, enthusiasm and aspirations until that one day when we are let down by someone we trusted. What a surprise, we say. We never saw that coming! When things like this happen we can’t help but start to question the sincerity of everyone around us. We start to wonder what they really want from us and how truthful they are. Almost everything becomes a blur because we are hurt and we feel betrayed. It’s a never-ending question of ‘how could they do this to me?’, ‘why me?’, or ‘what have I done to deserve this?’. We can spend days, months and years asking these questions but most of the time we’ll never know the honest truth because we can’t control other people’s way of thinking. Though there’s a standard way of life and a standard way of living, we all have different values and principles. We have values and principles instilled to us from the time we were born and these values and principles are spiced up by our experiences in life which ultimately guides us in making life changing decisions. Remember what they say, “you learn by experience” and we can all attest to that!

When we experience such hurt and betrayal, we sometimes lose our focus in life and start to feel anguish and resentment. We sometimes let these feelings take over that we end up blaming ourselves for what happened. The bottom line is, no matter how hurt we are and how much pain we’re going through, we must keep our head up and continue to have a positive outlook in life. We can’t change who they are. We can only change the way we think and feel. The best thing we can do is to look forward to a better day and know that things will fall into place at the right time and it will happen! Know that things happen for a reason and there’s never a losing battle because we always come out from adversities as a better, stronger and wiser person.

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