7 Words Only Those With A Wanderlust Will Understand

Wanderlust Words 01

Fernweh can grab hold of us anytime, anywhere. During a particularly bad case of fernweh the most obscure reference to foreign climes or smallest reminder of a far-flung land where happy memories were made can be unbearable. As yet, there’s only one cure; where did you put your passport?

Wanderlust Words 02

Everybody can name at least one nefelibata in their life. Nefelibatas live in a world inside of their own head where they can transport themselves to faraway lands without even leaving their seat. Notorious for thinking outside the box and asking strange questions, nefelibatas make great travellers.

Wanderlust Words 03

The next time someone asks you how your trip was, don’t say it was ‘great’ or ‘brilliant’, say it was ‘numinous’. Travel should challenge as much as it delights and ‘numinous’ describes the feeling of being out of your depth but not wanting to be anywhere else.

Wanderlust Words 04

Finally, a diagnosis. Butterflies in your stomach, tightness in your chest and excitement that turns into a headache right behind your eyes, I suffer from terrible resfeber before embarking on a trip and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Wanderlust Words 05

The experience of being alone in the woods, revelling in the near silence of undisturbed nature can make you feel like a ghost. While the term nemophilist doesn’t quite capture the experience of the solitary forest-walker, ‘haunter of the woods’ does.

Wanderlust Words 06

We all want every year to be our own personal Annu mirabilis but let’s face it, the year we travelled the most will always be our most remarkable year.

Wanderlust Word 07

The mental image smultroställe conjures, of an endless green field where wild strawberries grow, is a wonderful metaphor for the special place each of us has where we can finally feel free. If you’re lucky and you travel you can find many smultroställes all over the world and return to them time and time again.


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