My 2cents About Life

Sometimes in life we have to fall flat in our face until we get it right. We have to keep trying until we figure out what works for us.Just like with clothes and shoes, we have to try and see if it fits us. Life in general is consisted of many trials and errors. How will we know what works and what doesn’t if we don’t give it a shot. We can’t possibly triumph on something we’ve never failed at. It’s a continues test of our courage. It’s a trial to test our faith in ourselves and to measure our confidence. Life throws many curveballs. Some to test us, some to strengthen us and some to wake us up from the reality that we are facing. Life is full of never-ending hurdles but yet it is also full of many triumphs. In the end what matters most is how we fought hard to stay on top. How we managed to stay sane despite the chaos that sometimes life throws at us. It is the perseverance, the resolve and the faith that we have in ourselves that ultimately gets us to where we want to be. We have to believe in ourselves, have confidence even in the unknown and the rest will follow.

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