Christmas at Disneyland!

It’s always fun at Disneyland and even more so during the holidays. The only thing I’m not too crazy about is the super long line and wait for the rides but what do you expect, it’s a theme park and it’s Disneyland. 😀 When my hubby and I had annual passes two years ago, we made sure that we used it to our hearts content and got our money’s worth. I think we went 7 or 8 times in a span of 12 months. What’s really nice about having the passes is that we got to park hop. It allowed us to go Disneyland and California Adventure Park whenever we wanted, except for the black out dates of course. I’d say that it was definitely worth what we paid for it and beats having to pay $88 (the admission price back in 2012) for a day at the park which doesn’t even allow you to really enjoy the everything because waiting in line for each ride eats up most of your time.

Disneyland becomes even more magical during the holidays. I love the decorations especially the giant Christmas tree on Main Street. I also love seeing the mascots wear their super cute holiday outfits as well as the staff. It’s so festive everywhere you look! Everyone just seems to be in a better mood during the holidays and you’ll definitely see that with everyone in Disneyland. It doesn’t matter if their feet are aching from long hours of walking and standing, they are still all smiles and happy. I also love watching the children get so excited to see their favorite character. I too got so excited and even lined up to have a photo taken with Mickey Mouse. Yes, I waited in line with the rest of the kiddies and I’m not ashamed of it! Hahahaha! Who doesn’t like Mickey Mouse? Almost everyone I know loves him! 😀

What I love most about Disneyland are the rides but my all time favorite is It’s a Small World. Not only that it’s super cute but also educational. I love how it gives you the opportunity to learn about many different cultures and some of their traditions including their native language. I’m amazed at the work they’ve put into its design. I loved that ride so much that when I was at Disneyland almost a decade ago on New Year’s eve, I waited in line for an hour and a half even though it was raining so hard and freezing cold. There was a storm at the time and yes call me crazy for deliberately trying to get sick just to get on that ride :D. Oh, but I love It’s a Small World and it’s all worth it! Fortunately I didn’t get sick and was still able to spend New Year’s day with my friends. 😀

Mary Blair portrait, ca. 1941; Walt Disney Family Foundation, Gift of Jeanne Chamberlain and Maggie Richardson.
Image Source

It’s a Small World was created by WED Enterprises in 1964. It was a gift sponsored by Pepsi to the children of the world and served as the New York World’s Fair UNICEF pavilion that same year. It features a 120 foot high magical, ever-turning mobile kinetic sculpture called Tower of the Four Winds. As for its whimsical design, Mary Blair was the genius behind it. She was an American artist who also produced BambiAlice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Song of the South and Cinderella. In 1991, she was one of the first women who was posthumously honored as a Disney Legend. Mary Blair definitely rocks! 😀

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Image Source

My second favorite ride at Disneyland is Pirates of the Caribbean. Again, another ride with impressive design and concept. Every time I’m on that ride I keep wondering how much time they’ve put into planning and designing it. It’s quite elaborate and kudos to the imagineers involved in designing it including the genius himself, Walt DisneyPirates of the Carribbean opened in March 18, 1967, three months after Walt Disney’s passing and it was actually the last attraction he participated in designing.

I have so much more fun experiences to share from Disneyland but I’ll save it for next time. Meanwhile, here are some photos and videos from the last time I was there during the holiday season. Hope you like it! 😀

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