Photography 101: Mystery

Show us something uncertain, and manipulate light around you to enhance the mood of your image.

Today, share an image that creates a sense of mystery. A lone mitten on the sidewalk. A trail leading off into the distance. Your dog’s deep brown eyes. Intrigue us with uncertainty.

To create the images below, I used a flashlight indirectly beaming the object while in the middle photo, I beamed the flashlight straight to the ceiling. All the lights in the living room were turned off as I was experimenting with these shots.

All images were captured using my Samsung Galaxy S3.

To create this effect, I had my SG S3 scene mode set to “Autumn Color”.


I also used my mobile phone to take this image but used an app called Cymera. I’m not sure why this one came out bluish when I didn’t even use any of the effects in Cymera. All I did was beam it straight to the ceiling while standing in the middle of the living room.


Again, I used my mobile phone and Cymera on this photo and beamed the flashlight to the wall instead of the living room. I assume that’s the reason why the tone is different compared to the second image.

To make the images pop even more,  I deepened the color a bit and adjusted the contrast.

These were the props I used to create the images above in addition to my better half’s hands. LOL! 😀


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