Halloween Time at Disneyland!

For someone like me who’s not too crazy about horror trains, horror maze or others similar to it, I think Disneyland is THE BEST alternative! I’ve been on a horror train and maze before and I almost had a heart attack πŸ˜€ but I didn’t quit in the middle of it. I braved it ’til the end and promised myself to never go back again! Hahahaha! I do however watch scary movies and I’m a huge fan of the Walking Dead! πŸ˜€

Halloween Time at Disneyland in 2007.

The first time I went to Disneyland during Halloween week was seven years agoΒ and it was my second time at the Haunted Mansion. I have to admit that I’m a bit scared every time I go on that ride in the first few minutes. I don’t know why I get like that. Maybe I’m just excited in a scared way! Hahahaha! Β I actually like the ride and think that it’s a lot of fun, otherwise once would’ve been enough.

Since my fiance and I’s Disneyland annual pass was still valid at that time, we were able to park hop between Disneyland and California Adventure Park. We went to California’s Adventure Park first because we weren’t able to go on the Cars ride a couple of weeks earlier when it just opened due to the three-hour wait which I thought was crazy! I think the wait was super long because the ride just opened the day before plus it was a weekend in summer and kids are off from school so go figure. When we went back there just before Halloween it wasn’t crowded at all. Perhaps because it was also a weekday when we went. We definitely took advantage of that and went on the ride twice since the wait was only between 20-30 minutes which is pretty fast at any theme park.

Here’s a video of the Cars ride where you’ll hear me complain at the end saying that I did not enjoy the ride as much because I was taking this video! Hahaha! πŸ˜€

After spending a few hours at Adventure Park, we then headed next door to Disneyland. The Haunted Mansion was first on our to-do list. We waited in line for about an hour and half but Β it was worth it. It was still fun even though we’ve been there before.

I always enjoy my visits to Disneyland. I especially love it when it’s around the holidays. I love their Christmas decorations as well as their Halloween decorations. One of my favorites is the giant Mickey Mouse pumpkin on Main Street because I think it’s really cute! πŸ™‚ The only thing I dislike about visiting Disneyland is the admission fee because it’s getting more and more expensive every year. I remember when it was $27 (with a military discount) about 14 years ago. This is one reason why I don’t go to Disneyland every year but I took advantage of the awesome deal for an annual pass that they were offering two years ago just before the admission went up to $88. I believe it is now $96 for a single day admission. I really took advantage of having that annual pass as I went seven times within a year and even celebrated my birthday there last year before it expired. It was a bucket list check for me to celebrate my birthday at Disney’s California Adventure Park. I chose the Adventure Park over Disneyland because that park is ONLY in California, which makes it even more special. πŸ™‚

Anyway, there are other fun things to do for Halloween aside from going to a theme park but if you are a scaredy-cat like me, I’d say…Disney! Disney! Disney! Hahahaha! But it you’re not a theme park type of person and are feeling super brave, then I suggest doing the Ghost Tour or something similar. Or maybe go to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios? I know that’s a theme park too but some of my friends have gone to Halloween Horror Nights and they had a great time. I heard the effects and makeup are fantastic but that should be expected since it’s from Universal Studios. The only downside that I’ve heard of is the crowd but that only proves that it’s worth checking out :).

How about you? What do you do for Halloween?


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