Daily Prompt: Can’t Stand Me

What do you find more unbearable: watching a video of yourself, or listening to a recording of your voice? Why?

I’m not sure if a video of myself or a recording of my voice is more unbearable than the other as sometimes I find that both are. Just like the video I posted here to say thanks to my followers sometime last year, I was debating whether to post it or not but I said to myself “What the heck! Just go for it!” and so I did! 😀 I also think that I sound different from how I think I do. Close family and friends often mistaken me as my mother when I’m on the phone. I don’t think we sound alike though but then again my opinion is biased. I wonder if my mother and I would still sound the same when riding a roller coaster or any of those crazy rides. I’ve watched a video of myself riding the California Screamin’ at California Adventure Park and I was annoyed at the sound of my voice screaming! Hahahaha! So I guess I can say then that I find my voice unbearable when I’m screaming. Jeez, I feel sorry for those that have had to endure listening to it. One thing I notice though is that our voice changes through the years. Some people have told me how I sound so different when I used to sing when I was a teenager compared to how I sound now. In regards to videos, there are times when I feel funny watching videos of myself although I take videos to document my life experiences especially when traveling. I don’t see anything wrong with taking videos that includes yourself as I see those as some type of lifetime memoirs. After all we only live once so we might as well document our life experiences especially the ones that we treasure the most.

Just for fun, I’m sharing two videos of me singing (please don’t laugh 😀 …hahahaha! ). The first one was taken over a decade ago when I was in my late teens :). I was singing a Tagalog song  by Lea Salonga entitled Mula Noon Hanggang Ngayon (From Then Until Now). Please ignore my silliness in this video :D. The other one was taken ten years later at home when my fiance and I were having some karaoke fun. You won’t see me in this video though as I was feeling shy to be on camera. Hahahaha!



12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Can’t Stand Me

  1. I always think my voice is fine until I hear myself on a video, or any recording. Since then, I have accepted that I don’t have a good sounding voice and people just going to have to deal with it. 😀 I didn’t laugh. Just that I’m smiling from ear to ear hearing your beautiful voice.

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