Hawaii is Paradise: Part 2- Waikiki and Friends

After hanging out at Lanikai the day after arriving in Oahu, we spent some time walking around Waikiki beach the following day. We just took our time sight-seeing and took some photos being the typical tourist that we are 🙂 . We also bought our Hawaii Go Card so we can enjoy some attractions that Oahu has to offer at a discounted price. It was a pretty good deal because we only paid $40 per card and we got to do quite a lot including Makani’s Catamaran breakfast sail, museum visits which included the Bishop Museum, Iolani Palace, Queen Emma Summer Palace and a visit to Pearl Harbor. We could’ve done more activities with our Go Card but we didn’t have enough time. I know they have different packages now and it costs a lot more but I still think it’s worth it to get one.

Anyway, after our stroll at Waikiki beach we met up with our friends at Ala Moana Center and I think we had dinner there as well after doing some window shopping 🙂 . I can’t remember for sure but I know we also went to a Japanese store and bought some snacks. The next day we celebrated one of our friend’s birthday at Duke’s Waikiki and the food was delicious! We loved the ambiance as well!

Here are some of our “tourist” photos from Waikiki! 😀


3 thoughts on “Hawaii is Paradise: Part 2- Waikiki and Friends

    1. Hahahaha! You should go back to Hawaii and create new memories! It’s a beautiful place and I hope that someday I would have the chance to actually live there 🙂 .

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