What Forgiveness Looks Like To Me?

320546_10150375198168383_112831620_nForgiveness doesn’t always come easy for most of us especially to those who were hurt deeply. Sometimes we need enough time to pick up the pieces of our broken heart and put it back together in order to find ourselves again. But sometimes no matter what you do, the pain is too much…too deep that forgiveness seems out of reach.

So what does forgiveness actually look like to me? A part of me doesn’t usually believe someone is remorseful for what they have done unless they apologized and it is followed by their action…their effort to make things right…to make up for their mistake. But what I realized is that sometimes though some people may not say the words “sorry”, their action says otherwise. Personally, I prefer that the person who have offended me apologize to me. Tell me why I should forgive them and what they would do to make things right and why is it important that I forgive them. Then I will observe to see if they are keeping their word and if I noticed that there were no changes, then I would say something. I would remind them of what they said to me. I know that nobody’s perfect. We’re just human and we make mistakes but for me apologizing is showing respect to the other person you have offended. Having the courage to ask for forgiveness and making the effort to make it up to the other person means that you respect them and that you value the relationship over your ego. So how do I know that I have forgiven someone? I know that I have completely forgiven someone when all I remember are the happy moments we shared together when I look at them and nothing more and also when I feel that I can fully trust them again.

How about you? What does forgiveness look like to you?

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