Just for Laughs


Awww…I can totally relate! Except I don’t think my name is weird! I actually love my name even though it’s quite long and sometimes doesn’t fit in an e-form…and some people butcher it all the time. Hahahahaha!

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2 thoughts on “Just for Laughs

  1. yes, i never got a key chain with my name on it when i was young… now my name is a bit more common. And people here in Japan totally butcher my name..so whenever they do (at a restaurant or something not important), I’m just like ‘yea…whatever, ok’

    1. Hahahaha! I know how that feels! I always have to correct people and it surprised me when someone knows how to pronounce my name properly. Hehehehe! Sometimes they even sing me the song Edelweiss or go on about the history of my name or starts speaking to me in German assuming that I am German because of my name! Hahahaha!

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