25 Random Things About Me!

1. I was named after a song, “Edelweiss”. “Edelweiss” is a show tune from the 1959 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical The Sound of Music.


2. My name is also a flower and the unofficial national flower of Switzerland. Also called Leontopodium alpinum, it is one of the best-known European mountain flowers, belongs to the sunflower family (Asteraceae). The name comes from German edel (meaning noble) and weiß (meaning white). The scientific name, Leontopodium means “lion’s paw”, being derived from Greek words leon (lion) and podion (diminutive of pous, foot). — I actually saw this on Wikipedia…hahahahaha…


3. I have not seen my birth mother for 21 years.

4. I used to sing in a band with my father.

5. I hate the smell of scrambled eggs but I do eat eggs 🙂 I always add a drop of sesame oil (along with olive oil) when making scrambled eggs.


6. I love seafood!!! Especially calamari 🙂 Note: I DO NOT eat the tentacles.

Salt & Pepper Calamari

7. I love Ben and Jerry’s hot fudge and Mariposa’s rocky road ice cream 😉 . I have to have a Ben and Jerry’s vanilla ice cream with hot fudge when I’m feeling down. It lifts my spirit and it helps clear my head 🙂 and Mariposa’s home made rocky road ice cream is my favorite treat!!!

Ben and Jerry’s

Mariposa Home Made Ice Cream

8. For years I’ve searched for 2 of my childhood bestfriends from the Philippines; one was my neighbor when I was a kid and the other was my classmate from 2nd to 3rd grade. My neighbor bestfriend, Donna migrated to the US when we were just 10 yrs. old and when I came to the US in 1997 I made a promise to myself that I would find her and in 2004 just as I was about to give up, I found her….online! Google helped me find her!!! We spoke over the phone after that and kept in touch through MySpace and Friendster then to my surprise…my childhood bestfriend from school, Darleen found me on Donna”s network because Darleen’s boyfriend at that time is friends with Donna…to make the long story short…I reunited with 2 of my childhood bestfriends in 2005 in Vegas after 17 long years!!!

9. There were two priests in my family, my grandfather and my uncle.

10. I’m creative and I love photo and video editing. I can spend hours and hours doing editing and never get tired!

11. Shhh…I secretly want to be a wedding planner and a writer…..I guess it’s not that secret anymore, ha…hehehehe;-)

12. I used to play the piano back when I was 10. My recital piece was Brahms’ Lullaby 🙂


13. I love traveling and visiting historical places!!!

14. I’d love to move to Europe (London, Paris, Nice or Rome) or Hawaii (Kailua) someday.


15. I get emotional whenever I see elderly people.

16. I was raised by my wonderful grandparents! I miss them dearly 😦

17. My legs have to be in a number 4 shape in order for me to fall asleep….hehehehe….

18. Can’t sleep with lights on…not even a night light or the LED light from a phone charger or alarm clock!

19. I like people watching! I find observing people and their interactions interesting.

20. I can’t live without my phone, laptop and the internet….hahahaha!

21. I looove to shop online! I shop more online than anywhere else 😉

22. I wear socks to sleep even in summer.

23. I’m guilty of being a perfectionist at times.

24. I write poems when I’m feeling down, happy and can’t express my feelings.

25. I analyze everything…as in everything!!!

26. I believe in soul mates and I believe that I’ve found mine! 🙂

27. I love the stress of figuring out what to get for someone 🙂 . Yeah, I know! I’m weird that way 🙂 . It’s just that I want to give someone something they don’t have or something they don’t expect…it’s so much fun;-)

28. I looove boogie boarding but guess what??? …I can’t swim!!! hahahahaha!!!

29. My favorite beach is LANIKAI in the island of O’ahu (Hawaii)!!! Can’t wait to go back!

30. Sometimes I like breaking the rules! hehehehe…that’s why I created 30 things about me instead of 25 😉

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