To Live the Present

In theory it sounds so simple.
But it’s not so easy in practice.
Try living the questions in your life,
and waiting for the answers to reveal themselves.
Don’t be consumed by things that may happen,
rather, enjoy the things that are actually happening.
Your time is precious.
Spend it wisely.

2 thoughts on “To Live the Present

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ashley 🙂 I really enjoy writing quotes and poems as it keeps me inspired and on days that I’m a bit stressed, it keeps me calm and helps clear my mind. I also admire others who writes poems and quotes. I try to post my favorite ones everyday and this post “To Live in the Present is actually from one of my favorites, writer/author/filmmaker, Patrick Lindsay. I LOVE his books and find it VERY inspiring that’s why I post a lot of poems/quotes from his books…which he describes as a collections of reminders. You might like his work too 🙂

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