” Maybe the human race isn’t a race at all.”

Have you ever watched a movie where it got you thinking about your own life and made you evaluate every aspect of it? I’m sure most of you have and are able to relate to some movies you have seen. I love watching movies! I used to watch all kinds of movies but lately I find myself favoring the feel-good movies more. I find it a great stress reliever and I love how relatable most of those feel-good movies are. I always find myself so intrigued and always wonder what lessons in life I’m going to pick up from the story or the characters in the movie.  Whether it’s a 5 or a 2 star rating movie, I must say that I always learn something from it and it definitely has a lingering effect on me. One of the most recent movies I watched that I love is Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman’s The Switch. I didn’t get to watch it at the movie theater but I waited patiently ’til it became available through RedBox.  So yesterday when it was released, I made sure I got a copy by reserving it online! I am SO glad that RedBox allows you to reserve movies online! Anyway, I don’t just like the movie, I actually LOVE it! It’s one of those feel-good movies that you’d want to watch over and over again! I really like the story of the movie but what I LOVE about it is the lesson behind it. The movie makes you think about your own life. It makes you reevaluate your life. It makes you think about the things that you want in life and at the same time it sort of gives you this hope and reassurance that whatever it is that you are longing for, it will soon be yours and it’s just a matter of time because life has a funny way of working things out.

I highly recommend the movie and I hope that you find it inspiring as well. Below are my favorite quotes from the movie that I find really inspiring :).

” look at us
running around
always rushed
always late
guess that’s why they
call it the human race.
but sometimes it slows down
just enough for all the pieces
to fall into place.
fate works its magic
and you’re connected. “

” every once in a while,
amid all the randomness,
something unexpected happens,
and it pushes us all forward.
and the truth is what i’m starting
to think,
what i’m starting to feel,
is that maybe the human race
isn’t a race at all.”

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