What to do when you can’t sleep?

Insomnia…sleepless nights…sleep deprived…is how I described my supposedly “goodnight sleep”. I’ve had this issue since high school and it’s been like an off and on thing for me. At one point I have this whole routine that I have to do before I could fall asleep and that includes snacking before bedtime! Of course I brush my teeth before going to bed! But can you imagine how annoying it is to have a silly routine just so you could fall asleep?! I’m glad I did not ballooned from snacking before bedtime during those times! In fact I was underweight for a looong time! I used to weigh only 82 pounds for the longest time. The worst part for me was when I can’t get any sleep for two nights in a row and I was feeling super tired already but my brain just can’t stop functioning and I can’t relax so I can fall asleep. I used to cry because I get SO frustrated and I wanted to get some sleep so bad so I can function normal in school or work the next day. As much as I didn’t want to use any sleep aids so I could sleep normal, I was left with no choice but I don’t stay on it for too long. I don’t want to end up being dependent on the meds and I only take it again when I’m at my breaking my point, which is usually two sleepless nights in a row. I’ve tried Unisom (in high school), Melatonin and a prescription medicine from my doctor a couple of years ago but I got an allergic reaction from the prescribed meds. My body was getting itchy and it felt like I was having hot flashes so I stopped taking the meds and I haven’t taken any since. I’ve been told by many to take some Benadryl but I’m nervous about taking it because I’m worried that I’ll have a deep sleep and not wake up. I know it’s silly of me to think that way but I’m just scared. I’m sure some of you can relate to that.

Anyway, what I’ve been doing lately is trying to make my eyes tired by editing photos, writing or doing some web design but it doesn’t always work. I know some of you might suggest working out. I’m sorry to disappoint you but I have done that as well and sometimes it makes it worst. It sucks too that I’m a light sleeper so I get woken up really easily and brightness bothers me too, so my room has to have dark curtains or I have to cover my eyes so I can sleep well. Ugh! The agony of sleepless nights! I just want to be normal again!

If you have any tips on how to get a good night sleep or know any natural remedies, would you be so kind and please share it with me!  It would be greatly appreciated 🙂

4 thoughts on “What to do when you can’t sleep?

  1. Maybe you have already tried these but they work for me. Do more excerise, get that body of yours physically tired and have a glass of some kind of alcohol, to numb your mind.
    Good Luck!

  2. I feel for you. I also suffer. I have to be up in four hours and here I am, on the phone in bed!

    I have to get up, go to the kichen and prepare my solution. Perhaps it will help you to.

    One glass of warm milk, one spoon of sugar. It has to do with the metabolism of the carbohydrates and lipids, and the temperature.

    Secret is, you must be in bed about five minutes after you finish.

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