Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

Share an image of a wall that reveals something about a place, people, or you.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

This photo was taken at Butchart Gardens when I was visiting Victoria, BC two months ago. This is the portrait of Ian Ross and his wife Ann-Lee Ross. Ian Ross is the grandson of Robert Pim Butchart and Jennie Butchart of the Butchart Gardens. The Garden was given to Mr. Ross on his 21st birthday. After service in WWII, he worked hard to make his grandmother’s garden self-sustaining, transforming the mostly neglected home and gardens into an internationally famous destination. For 50 years he was completely involved in its operation and development. In summer months he added outdoor symphony concerts (1953-1967) showcasing young stars of the Metropolitan Opera, including Teresa Stratas; a variety stage show (1961); and the Ross Fountain (1964) for The Gardens’ 60th anniversary. In 1987 he initiated The Magic of Christmas. Ian died in 1997. (http://www.butchartgardens.com/gardens/story)



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