Really Fresh!

If you happen to be visiting Santa Barbara and decided to have dinner at Stearns Wharf, I highly recommend the Santa Barbara Shellfish Co. It’s only my second time here as I don’t live around the are but it never disappoints. The last time I was here was five years ago. Though I only had lunch here at that time, I never forgot how tasty my New England clam chowder was that I became an instant fan! That’s why when my fiance and I were visiting two weeks ago, I couldn’t think of a better place for dining than here. It was a weekend so we expected it to be really busy around dinner time. I think we waited for maybe 35-40 minutes but we didn’t mind waiting since we know it’s going to be worth it.

We both ordered something from their “Favorites” section of the menu and based on the reviews from Yelp, we believe that we made an excellent choice :). It didn’t take long before our meal arrived which was surprising considering how busy they were that night. We were both excited to eat as we were famished and our energy had depleted. We usually have a chit-chat in between bites but we were quiet the entire time as we were chowing down our meal. That’s usually what happens when the food is really good or we’re super hungry and that night it’s both. However, I do remember us nodding to each other at some point and said “Wow, it’s really good!” The price is also very reasonable which I think is rare for seafood that fresh, tasty and with a really good portion. The service was excellent too which is a big plus. I can’t wait to go back for more! Happy tummy equals happy customers! Burp! 😀

Homemade recipe of two pan fried crab cakes served with chipotle aioli sauce, coleslaw, and a garnish of onion rings.

Two pieces of  fresh delish crab cakes for $13.95 only!

The crab cakes were pretty thick but you can’t tell by this photo that I took because of the angle.

I surprisingly enjoyed the coleslaw and ate all of it which NEVER happens!

As a matter of fact, I even asked my fiance if I can have some of his coleslaw which he didn’t care because he never eats coleslaw anyway.

It tastes different compared to the usual coleslaw. It was very tasty and I think it’s because of the raisins.

Crab salad sandwich on toasted sourdough bread. Served with coleslaw and garnished with onion rings.

A pretty big sandwich stuffed with some yummy crab salad and it’s only for $12.95!

My fiance actually couldn’t finish the whole thing which is VERY RARE! Hahahaha!

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