Introducing “Leila”!

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago I posted a poll asking you all to help me pick out a name for the kitten that my fiance and I are adopting. Unfortunately, I didn’t really get a lot of response 😦 …..but it’s all good :D. I followed my heart and went for the name Leilawhich I think is perfect for her. My fiance also chose the name Leila out of the many options I had in mind. Leila finally came home with us two days ago and we couldn’t be happier. I was nervous at first because the last time I had a cat (and also a dog) was back when I was a teenager. Leila was actually nervous too and she was shaking the entire time on our way home. She kept meowing too but she doesn’t sound upset, her voice is actually so soft and it makes me want to hold her tight but I didn’t want to take her out of the carrier. So when we got home and my fiance took her out of the carrier, she immediately ran towards the armoire we have in the living room. She was so nervous and afraid because of her new surroundings and of course new people, us. When my fiance was trying to coach her to come near him, she got scared even more and hid behind the armoire. He was luring her with toys to gain her trust until she warmed up a bit and decided to come out almost an hour later. I don’t blame her for being scared. She’s still a baby and was taken away from her Mommy and siblings. She’s only seven weeks old and so adorably fragile. I think Leila is meant for us because my fiance and I have been thinking of adopting a dog or a cat for quite some time now but it was just a few days before Leila was born when we made up our minds and decided that we would adopt a cat instead because they are much easier to take care of. Then just days after that conversation a friend of mine posted a photo of six adorable kittens on Facebook. They are so cute and Leila immediately caught my attention because she reminded me of the cat that my Grandma got me when I was a child then another one when I was a teenager. Leila is a beautiful calico cat. Her face looks quite exotic and my friend who gave her to us calls her Cleo (short for Cleopatra) because she said that Leila looks like an Egyptian :D. I couldn’t agree more! That was another reason why I immediately fell in love with Leila after seeing her photo. I wasn’t sure at first if my friend was going to give up the kittens for adoption so I asked her with high hopes and thankfully she was! She even said that if I want one I get to make the first pick and that got me even more excited. I told my fiance and he got all excited too! I think even more excited than I was as he started looking for things that the kitten would need right away :D. We couldn’t wait for the day to take her home and two weeks ago my friend said that she’ll be ready to leave her Mommy Khaleesi very soon! You read it right, Leila’s Mommy is Khaleesi (I love her name!) and she looks quite exotic too! Oh and she’s a calico cat as well. 🙂

So these past two days has been full of fun and adventure with our little Princess Leila :D. She loves playing so much that on her first night we were up until five in the morning until she fell asleep. She’s so full of life and it’s a joy to play with her and watch her play by herself. She’s a smart little one too because she already knew her name in less than 24 hours and seems to understand what NO means. She responds right away when you call her by her name and when I said no to her for doing some things that she shouldn’t do, she would look at me then stop. It’s only been two days but I am so impressed at how smart she is and how well she’s adjusting. We had one concern yesterday though because we noticed that she wasn’t using her litter box. She goes around it but seems afraid of touching it. We didn’t know exactly why she doesn’t like it and we’re starting to worry about her peeing and pooping somewhere in the house until she did urinate in one corner of the house. We didn’t realize at first what she was doing because there were some stuff in that corner of the house and we thought that she was just falling asleep but good thing we checked it and sure enough she did urinate! So this morning we replaced the Feline Pine litter with a crystal type and problem solved. I guess it had something to do with the texture and what she was used to.

Anyway, here are some photos of the adorable Princess Leila! Hope you like it!  😀

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10 thoughts on “Introducing “Leila”!

  1. I understand the lenghty post for a cat. 😀 She’s so tiny, so pinchable (I won’t), so pretty and so adorable!!! Your words really say how much excited you are to have her. Sorry I miss the poll.

    1. Hahahaha! I absolutely love her! 😀 She’s super sweet and just melts my heart! She’s quite special to me as she brings back wonderful memories I had with my Grandmother because we used to have the same calico cat. 🙂

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